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Honeywell - Zoning Solutions


Complete Product Line  
With Honeywell, you'll have access to the most extensive, leading-edge zoning product line available, including conventional, communicating and wireless zone systems and dampers. Many products are available as kits to make ordering and installation even simpler
In Demand  
According to a Decision Analysts survey of over 25,000 homeowners, 61 percent say they're dissatisfied with their home comfort system, and the number one complaint is uneven temperature. Zoning is the perfect solution to satisfy homeowners and increase your profits.

The Decision Analysts survey indicates that more than 60 percent of homeowners will request individual room temperature control in the next home they build. If a contractor offers a zoning system, 50 percent of homeowners are likely to make a purchase.
Honeywell has been manufacturing the highest-quality, most-used residential zoning products since 1956.

The Honeywell brand is known, trusted and preferred by millions of professional contractors and the customers they serve. Honeywell is the #1 choice of homeowners and has strong brand recognition.
Warranty Honeywell zoning panels and dampers feature a 5-year warranty. An optimal extended parts and labor coverage up to 10 years is available.
TrueZONE™ Panels Text Box:

Honeywell took its more than 50 years experience and leadership in the zoning business and combined it with feedback from hundreds of contractors like you. Together, we've re-invented zoning panels and made zoning truly effortless.

If you've ever installed a zoning system by setting manual dip switches, you'll appreciate the simplicity, convenience and time savings that TrueZONE™ offers. TrueZONE helps eliminate callbacks by ensuring that the system is operating properly before the installer leaves the jobsite. It all adds up to true comfort for your customers and true profit for your bottom line.

TrueZONE HZ322 Panel

For conventional and heat pump applications. Up to 3 zones (2H/2C).

  • Intuitive Installer Setup
  • Universal Application
  • Standardized Checkout Procedure
  • Robust Push Terminals
  • Common-Sense LEDs
  • Clean, Professional Installation
  • Smaller Footprint
  • Variable-Speed Fan Control
  • Discharge Air Temperature Staging


Wireless And Networked Zoning

For high-end installations, Honeywell networked zoning solutions take efficiency to a new level. Rather than working individually, networked thermostats talk to each other and work as a team to maximize both comfort and energy savings. You can even set up the networked zoning system for integration with home automation control systems that are becoming increasingly popular

Networked Zoning

For high-end homes, use the network zoning system that allows communication between thermostats, intelligent equipment cycling and remote access by phone, Internet or home automation systems. Allowing thermostats to talk to each other helps improve system efficiency, and Honeywell makes it easy with EnviraZone™ Networked Zoning. EnviraZone uses the exclusive EnviraCOM™ communications protocol to connect thermostats for the most efficient regulation of panel and damper cycles.

  • Simple three-wire connection between devices.
  • One thermostat model covers all applications.
  • Available in two-zone and three-zone system kits.
  • Expandable up to nine zones with additional W8703 damper interface modules and thermostats.
  • Optional Serial Adapter allows user to control system using many popular RS-232-compatible home automation control systems. Allows easy integration to host controller, gateways and computers.
  • Zone of greatest demand algorithm reduces cycling by coordinating calls for heat and cool by zone.


Honeywell dampers offer the highest quality workmanship and unparalleled performance. Every Honeywell damper is built for installation flexibility, reliability and reduced callbacks.

5 Reasons To Choose Honeywell Dampers:

  • Quick — With a wide variety of available sizes in both round and rectangular versions, it's easy to find exactly what you need. And the mechanical visual position indicators make installation and operation easier. Universal application means you can stock fewer parts.
  • Durable — Riveted for extra strength and long-term use. Rugged gear construction, two-piece blade bearing and reinforced blade construction add to the long product life.
  • Adjustable — The adjustable minimum and maximum position stops allow you to fine-tune the dampers to your customer's individual needs.
  • Non-polarized, two-wire actuator — Makes installation simple and foolproof.
  • DuPont ® Kevlar™ gears — Built with gears containing DuPont Kevlar fiber, doubling the actuator wear life. Kevlar is five times stronger than steel on an equal weight basis, yet lightweight and flexible, giving Honeywell damper gears twice the life of other gears.*

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