In the Height of the St. Louis Summer, Temperatures Can Get Uncomfortably High!

Air Conditioning Repair and MaintenanceIf you are fortunate, your air conditioner will continue working just fine and you will be cool and comfortable in your home throughout the summer. However, what if your air conditioner stops working? Or what if it is working but not at its full potential? That can cause uncomfortable and even dangerous situations for you and your family. To avoid these problems, it is best to have an HVAC technician regularly service and maintain your air conditioner.

Regular maintenance or timely repair will make sure that your air conditioner works when you need it the most. If you are looking for a reliable HVAC company to help you with your air conditioner problems in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area, contact AZS Air Systems Heating & Cooling. With our air conditioner maintenance and repair services, we can perform regular service and cleaning to ensure your air conditioner keeps working properly, and we can provide emergency service in the event that your air conditioner fails.

If you neglect maintenance and small repairs, the performance of the air conditioner will decrease steadily and your energy bills will increase as well. Eventually, your air conditioner unit may even fail completely resulting in high repair or replacement costs.

Maintenance Statistics

If your HVAC system isn’t running as it should, it could be costing you a lot of money. Regular maintenance of your system will help keep your system running at peak economical performance. Proper system maintenance can lead to an energy savings of up to 40%.

The Following Are Some Types of Basic Maintenance and Repair Services We Can Provide:

Blue Throw Away Filter

  • Air Conditioner Filter Cleaning: One of the most important services that a HVAC technician will perform is cleaning the filters or replacing them. Dirty, clogged filters are an impediment to normal air flow and they reduce the efficiency of the system significantly. Clean filters will reduce the energy consumed by the heater by 5-15%.
  • Air Conditioner Coil Cleaning & Repair: Over time, dirt will collect on the air conditioner’s evaporator coil. The filter acts as a barrier between the evaporator coil and dirt, but some of this dirt will still manage to get through and settle on the coil. Therefore, air flow to the coil is reduced and the coil becomes significantly less efficient as it is insulated by dirt. Another problem is that the aluminum fins on the evaporator coil can easily get bent, blocking the flow of air. HVAC technicians carry a tool known as a fin comb, which they can use to comb the fins into position again.
  • Drain Channel Cleaning: The drain channels on the air conditioner unit can get clogged, which will prevent the air conditioner from reducing the humidity in the room. Therefore, these must be cleaned in order for proper unit efficiency.
  • Refrigerant Check & Recharge: Refrigerant plays a large role in air conditioner efficiency. The role of the refrigerant is to carry heat and dispose it outside. If the refrigerant in your air conditioner is leaking, your air conditioner may not cool the air properly. We can check refrigerant levels and top this off if necessary. Because standard Freon refrigerants are expensive, we have procured alternative, environment friendly refrigerants that are more affordable.

What Are the Benefits of Regular Air Conditioner Maintenance and Repair?

  • Reduced Energy Bills: An air conditioner that is poorly maintained will work harder than a properly maintained one to deliver the same result. Therefore, more energy is consumed which leads to higher energy costs. A well maintained air conditioner unit results in lower energy bills.
  • Reduced Repair Costs: By maintaining your air conditioner or conducting small repairs, you can delay or even avoid major repairs. A major repair will cost you substantially more than a maintenance or small repair. Maintenance will also help you find other issues before they can become major problems.
  • Air Conditioner Life Extended: Maintenance increases the life of the air conditioner and maintains its efficiency. When all the parts are in order and properly cleaned, they will work in unison to give you optimum cooling.

How to Know When it is Time to Install a New Air Conditioning Unit

According to the recommendations of the Environmental Protection Agency, air conditioner units that are more than 10 years old should be replaced with newer, more efficient models. Did you know that new air conditioner units, especially ones with Energy Star ratings cost an average of 20% less to run? This can result in a substantial cost savings over time.

Repairing Air Conditioning Unit

Like Most Appliances, When an Air Conditioning Unit Starts to Fail, It Will Show Some Warning Signs. Here Are a Few of These Signs:

  • Frequent Breakdowns & Repairs: When air conditioner units breakdown frequently and begin requiring frequent repairs, this can be one of the signs that it is time for replacement.
  • Increased Electricity Bills: Most old air conditioner units have a high-energy demand, and as these get older, they can become even more inefficient to operate. As a result, your electricity bills will go up.
  • Loud Noises: When air conditioning units begin to make a lot of noise, it can indicate that the air conditioner is wearing out. Replacement can be a good option.

Benefits of Replacing Old Air Conditioner Units

There are many things to consider before investing in new air conditioner units. These include the costs and benefits associated with the replacement. Here are some benefits of replacing old air conditioner units with newer models:

  • Reduced Operating Costs: Because newer air conditioner units are more efficient to run, the money you spend on new air conditioner units will also be offset by energy savings in the long run. Additionally, there are many rebates and special financing options available right now that can help off-set the immediate costs of air conditioner replacement.
  • Improved Cooling Efficiency: New air conditioner units are also more efficient at cooling. Therefore, you will benefit from improved comfort with more consistent and reliable cooling.
  • Noise Reduction: Many old air conditioning units are noisy to operate. New models tend to be quieter to operate, which is beneficial when you spend time outside around your home.
  • Environmentally Friendly: New air conditioner units are more environmentally friendly than older models, especially high efficiency models. This is because they use less energy to operate.
  • Better Dehumidification: With age, the ability of air conditioner units to dehumidify decreases and there is only so much that regular maintenance can do to maintain this. A new air conditioning unit will take care of this problem, which can also improve your indoor air quality.