Furnace Statistics

Technician doing Furnace RepairProper maintenance of your furnace can increase its efficiency by up to 25%. Not only will it save you money, but it will also help keep your heater running safely. Read the information below to learn more.

With our 30 years of experience servicing and installing furnaces and heaters, we are very knowledgeable regarding equipment, and we can use this knowledge to ensure that your heating needs are met. Some of the services we provide for heaters are:

  • Professional installation and sales for furnaces and heaters
  • Regular furnace maintenance and tune-ups
  • Repair in case of malfunction or breakdowns
  • Any other maintenance or repair service pertaining to heaters

AZS Heater and Furnace Repair & Maintenance Services

House with ThermostatSeveral types of heaters exist. These include forced air heaters, electric furnaces, and heat pumps. Each of these types of heaters have different problems, which are likely to occur. At AZS Air Systems Heating & Cooling, we provide repair and maintenance services for each of these types of heaters to solve any problems. Here is a brief list of what could go wrong with your heater or furnace:

  • Problems with Air Flow: If the vents in your home are leaking or if the filters and coils inside the heater or furnace have become clogged or dirty, problems with the air flow will develop. Leaking vents will dissipate heat before it reaches its destination, leading to uneven heating and inflated electricity or gas bills.
  • Problems with the Ignition Control or Pilot Light: If the heater suddenly stops working, the problem may lie in the pilot light or ignition control. For this type of problem, it is best to call an experienced HVAC technician.
  • Moving Parts are Under Lubricated: If certain parts inside a heater or furnace are not lubricated properly, increased friction will develop. This means that the machine will use more fuel and be less efficient. Also, parts that are not properly lubricated will wear out quicker. Considering that a heater or a furnace has to work extra hard in winter, this increases the chances of a problem developing.
  • Thermostat Issues: Thermostats can also cause trouble. When a thermostat malfunctions, your home’s temperature may fluctuate. It may even cause the heater to stop heating completely.

Heaters and furnaces also contain circuit boards, thermocouples, induction motors, combustion blowers, pressure switches, and many other complex parts. Any of these parts can cause problems.

Benefits of Maintaining and Servicing Your Furnace or Heat Pump

Repairing Air Conditioning Unit

  • Performing regular furnace and heater maintenance and completing minor repairs as needed, can reduce your chances of breakdowns. Therefore, this will reduce or eliminate the need for costly repairs and system replacement. HVAC technicians often have their hands full in winter and if your heater or furnace goes out, you may have to wait. Regular maintenance and repairs keep your heating systems in good shape and ready for winter. HVAC technicians are trained to look for problems and they know what parts can cause trouble. By getting small repairs performed from time to time, you reduce your chances of paying for expensive repairs.
  • Regular maintenance improves efficiency and increases the life of the heater or furnace. Therefore, your energy bills will be reduced and your home will receive consistent heat.
  • Tune-ups can increase the efficiency of your heaters from 15% to 25%
  • Regular maintenance improves indoor air quality and improves your overall comfort levels
  • Future problems can be recognized and taken care of before they become serious issues
  • The unit will last longer, making it well worth the money you spend on maintenance
  • Cleaning the parts keeps the unit performing in optimal condition
  • What Services are Included in a Furnace Tune-Up

Here Are a Few Common Checks That Are Included in Our Service:

    Cleaning Filters

  • Carbon Monoxide Detection: We will check the carbon monoxide levels near the furnace. In some old furnaces, the heat exchanger may be rusted. If cracks have formed, Carbon monoxide can leak into the air from the heat exchanger.
  • Heat Exchanger/Combustion Chamber Evaluation: We will check the heat exchanger for corrosion and rusting and ensure it is in proper working condition.
  • Burner Flame Check: The burner must be checked for proper ignition and flame size. We will also perform gas and air adjustments as needed for your furnace. We can also clean the burner as well to ensure optimal efficiency.
  • Pilot Light/Ignitor Check: If the ignitor fails, the furnace will stop working and can release natural gas into your home. We will check the ignitor and the pilot light for any malfunction.
  • Induction Motor Check: Motors have to be well lubricated or else friction will increase, leading to increased fuel consumption and a decrease in efficiency.
  • Blower Wheel Check & Cleaning: We will check the blower wheel for debris and make recommendations for cleaning if necessary.
  • Furnace Filter Replacement: Over time, furnace filters become clogged, and they need to be replaced. This should be performed regularly to ensure proper efficiency.
  • Chimney Vent Pipe Check: We will check the vent pipe leading to the chimney to evaluate draft intensity and the condition of the pipe. We will look for any blockages or leakages. We also check termination points and furnace connections.
  • Burner Compartment Cleaning & Check: The burner compartment and other key parts can accumulate scale and dust. Therefore, we will check the burner compartment and make recommendations for cleaning as needed.
  • Pilot Safety Timer/Flame Sensor Check: In gas furnaces and heaters, the thermocouple opens the gas valves when it deems that the standing pilot is hot enough to ignite the gas. At other times, it remains closed. This is a very important component, and we will check to ensure it is working properly.

Have you noticed a gradual decrease in the performance of your heater or furnace over the years? Have your energy bills increased substantially? Maybe it is time you replaced your old furnace or heater with a new one.

AZS Air Systems Heating & Cooling, our air conditioning professionals can help. We offer expert heating and air conditioning services for residential customers located throughout the St. Louis area. Whether it is for installing new furnaces or replacing outdated systems, you can rely on us for unbiased, credible advice and quality service.